Other Livestock

When given the choice, animals choose Redmond almost every time. With Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt your animals will be getting more than 60 trace minerals in a form they prefer and can use. This natural trace mineral salt comes from an ancient sea, which maintains the mineral makeup in a proportion nearly identitcal to that found in blood. As animals consume these minerals, their bodies turn to a more natural state of mineral balance. For 40 years farmers and ranchers from around the world have reported on the incredible benefits from feeding Redmond Salt, including how much healthier and productive their animals are.

Redmond Natural Conditioner is not only an excellent mineral source (more than 60 trace minerals), but is the product of choice to add to a ration when feeding wet or poor quality feeds. After introducing Redmond Conditioner to their livestock, farmers have reported some great benefits, including higher wool production, less disease, harder shells, better feed conversion, and overall better health.