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Get back to what you love about raising cattle, without having to worry about their health.

We are working on this page and providing useful information for you. In the mean time, you can view our dairy booklet for more information on Redmond Salt and Conditioner for dairies.

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Supporting Research

pH of Rumen Affected by Redmond

Redmond Conditioner vs Bicarb rumen ph

Redmond gives cows the minerals they need.

(Data is an average from four dairy herds – 2,200 cows)

Dairy Liver Biopsy

Buffering Capacity

Redmond Conditioner buffers rumen as effectively as sodium bicarbonate while delivering 3x more benefits.

Redmond Conditioner vs Sodium Bicarb

Redmond Conditioner Toxin Absorption Rates

Toxin absorption rates

Data source: Trilogy Analytical Laboratory, Horton, KS, 2001
Data source: Trilogy Analytical Laboratory, Horton, KS, 2015

“Naturally balanced mineralized sea salts are high in sodium chloride and are excellent sources of many essential macro- and micro-minerals.”

Read the full article from Beef Magazine to learn how “sodium chloride and other salts appear to aid in preventing grass tetany, reproductive losses and other disorders associated with high-potassium forages.”

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