Dairy cows love Redmond Salt and will normally consume 3 to 4 oz. in addition to a couple of ounces in the TMR. It seems that the biggest reported benefits come from feeding Redmond Conditioner. Cows like Redmond Conditioner because the high pH and toxin binding capabilities help alleviate the acidic conditions from the high concentrated levels in the average dairy cow diet. The following are the reports we repeatedly hear:

·       Reproduction—cows are coming into heat sooner after calving and breeding up better
·       Milk components—reports are normally 2 to 3 points in protein and butterfat
·       Somatic cell counts drop
·       Foot problems diminish

When offered Redmond Salt, animals will choose it almost every time over any other salt. But, what about formulated minerals? It is extremely interesting that that there can be a variety of mineral blends available and the animals will still seek Redmond. At times of greater nutritional requirements, like late gestation and early lactation, animals will utilize some of these other minerals but it is commonly found that with constant exposure to both, they consume significantly less of the formulated minerals. We are not suggesting that animals need no additional minerals, they just use less of them. Again, though this may be nature’s perfect balance and proportion, our soils and feeds are not always in perfect balance and proportion so animals will likely need some level of additional minerals atcertain times to maintain balance within themselves.

Not only are animals consuming less formulated minerals but they are healthier and more productive. We have seen and received reports from all over the country for the past 40 years about less disease, better and more efficient gains, more milk components, less somatic cells, shinier hair coats, more energy, and the list goes on.

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