5 years on the Redmond Mineral program

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We have been on the Redmond Mineral program for 5 years. Our dairy is an open lot with 450 lactating cow in the Caldwell area of Idaho. The cow health and repro are excellent.

Even after an extremely hot 2013 July and August, we had only 23 cows that are open over 200 days in milk. Our breeding program is 1 time A.I. and then bull breeding. The bull breeding’s are automatically monitored and recorded through the SCR’s Heat-time and Herd Management System. Services per conception are 2.2, including all A.I. and bull breeding’s. We do not use any hormone shots to bring animals into heat.

Herd health is also very pleasing. There are only 1-2 milk fever cases per year which is so few that we hardly know what a milk fever cow looks like. The only dirty repro cows are ones that have twinned. As you can see, we have very little drug or Vet expenses.

Our Redmond Mineral program is 4 oz. of Redmond Conditioner, 4 oz. Redmond Trace Mineral Salt Selenium 90, and 2 oz. of Redmond Unrefined Sea Salt. We also have the Redmond Conditioner and Redmond Sea Salt out free choice.

I am very happy with the results of the Redmond Products. They are more like Angel dust than fairy dust.

TD Dairy

Caldwell ID.

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