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Looking for a way to give your animals the best shot at reaching their genetic potential? You’r in the right place. We will help you find the best product for your animals needs.

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Redmond is the best salt and mineral foundation available for our animal’s needs. Most people can see a difference in 30 days.

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We know you are serious about results and we are too. Redmond products will help you get the absolute most out of your animals and soil.

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"I used to feed a formulated mineral package free choice to my Devon Beef cows. Then we put Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt and Redmond Conditioner mixed with kelp. My cattle chose the Redmond products and quit consuming the formulated mineral. We no longer buy the formulated mineral. I know my cows' bodies and their coats are shinier and the skin condition they were suffering from went away after feeding the Redmond products and kelp. The cows seem to be getting progressively better all of the time."
- Lindley Farm and Ranch, Mineola, Texas

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Our unique balance of minerals comes directly from an ancient mineral sea bed—harvested here in America and delivered to you exactly as Nature intended.
The Redmond Way

Here at our feed lot, we use the Redmond Salt and the Redmond Conditioner all the way through from start to finish. We like what the Redmond Minerals do for the cattle. Our gains are good, but our yields are really great. In this business standard yields are 63 to 63.5%; we consistently get 64.5% or more all the time, and that increase is significant.

Ed Kau, West Point, NE

“Over the past 8 years, our Redmond Mineral program has been 8 oz. of SR 50 per cow per day. Our dairy is an open lot with 450 lactating cows in Idaho. The cow health and repro are excellent. Even after an extremely hot summer in 2013, we had only 23 cows that were open over 200 days of milk.”

T Dairy, ID

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