Dairy Cattle

Stronger and Sooner Heat Cycles | Increased Butterfat & Protein | Reduced Somatic Cell Counts | Lower Cost

“I feed Redmond Salt and Redmond Conditioner free choice. It’s a great way for our dairy cattle to self-mineralize – when they need minerals, they can get it from the Redmond products. These are the only minerals our heifers get.” – Lane Sorenson, UT 
“By using Redmond Conditioner and Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt, my herd’s somatic cell count has dropped and their reproductive efficiency has improved as the first time conception rates have increased. I also feed Redmond Conditioner because it works well with our cows as a buffer.” – Jay Yardley, UT

I like the Redmond Salt and Conditioner because my cows like it and it costs less than the products that I had been using. My components have also improved.

Quinn Jenson, Organic Dairy, Montpelier, ID
“We used Redmond Conditioner for several years and decided to cut it out of our program to save money. About a year passed and we realized the cows weren’t doing as well as before. We started giving them the conditioner again and things picked back up as before.”
– D.D., CA
“We replaced half of our mineral package with Redmond Conditioner to cut our mineral costs in half. We later realized other benefits besides cost. Our fresh cows don’t get the really loose, runny bowel. They stay on feed and transition better.” – A. F., Idaho
“My cows really like the Redmond Salt and Conditioner. I have fed both products separately and together as well as in my TMR. My cows are showing very strong heats, their butterfat rating has gone from a 3.5 to a 3.8 and their protein has gone up 1.5 points.” – Lon Tueller, Lonte Holsteins, Geneva, ID 

Beef Cattle

Shinier coats | Less hoof problems | Less raw feed in the manure | Better carcass grading

I had a lady come in awhile back that bought a 50 lb. bag of Redmond’s #10 for her horse. She just dumped it out in a trough as the horse is in with some cows. The cows chased off the horse and between the 8 of them polished of the minerals in less than two days! The funny part is that she had two commercial mineral blocks in the cow trough and to this day they still will not eat them after having had the Redmond! I had another lady buy a block for her cows and in a matter of days she was back to get another as they had polished it off with a couple of them staying parked at the first block for better than an hour. People just don’t get how good Redmond is until they try it!

De Leon Feed & Seed, Florida
“When I changed from feeding white Louisiana salt to Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt, I noticed that my cows went from eating a bag of salt a month to a bag of salt a week. Without any other changes to my feeding program, my cows were ready for market several weeks ahead of schedule.” – J.S., Iowa
“With all the rain Nebraska has received lately, the concern and talk of the town is calf scours. The head of the Natural Resource Conservation Service has been preaching Redmond Natural products because his calves are eating it and they aren’t scouring. Likewise, my calves don’t have scours”.- C.C., Nebraska
“I used to feed a formulated mineral package free choice to my Devon beef cows. Then we put out Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt and Redmond Conditioner mixed with kelp. My cattle chose the Redmond products and quit consuming the formulated mineral. We no longer buy the formulated mineral. I know my cows’ bodies and their coats are shinier and the skin condition they were suffering from went away after feeding the Redmond products and kelp. The cows seem to be getting progressively better all of the time.” – Lindley Farm & Ranch, Texas
“We have been using Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt and Redmond Conditioner for the past two years and have found a noticeable difference in the health of our cattle. Our calves handle the weaning stresses much more readily without the sickness that used to plague us. In the winter, the cows are more active and energetic when their feed is supplemented with the Redmond products. We continue to observe health improvements in our livestock with the regular use of these exceptional supplements.” – B.G., Wyoming

Redmond Sea Minerals

Plants grew faster and healthier | Lift Milk Yield by 10%, Milk Fat by 5% & Lactose by 3% | Reduced Excessive Potassium Levels

Got myself overwhelmed with the thickest stand of alfalfa we have ever had—due to the Redmond Sea Minerals—as that is the only thing that was different from other years.

Sue Ramsey, Oregon
“We have fed Redmond Mineral to our cattle for years and realized that all those minerals should benefit our soil too so we tried it. We mixed 1 part Redmond Salt to 5 parts Redmond Conditioner and spread it at 20 lbs. per acre. In one year our soil went from nothing to something. We also had a 15% increase in yield over the control area that we didn’t treat with sea minerals. We even got a better crop when we added microbial stimulant with the sea minerals.” – Noel Alexander, Nebraska
“I heard of using sea minerals and tried it on my garden. I was aiming for 20 to 80lbs. per acre but miscalculated and applied 400 lbs. per acre. I did have a little trouble getting seeds to germinate but the plants that were already started did great. There was much better color and they looked healthier. It was the best garden I have ever grown. In fact, two years later I was still seeing tremendous benefits and yields.” P. W., Arizona

“We grass finish cattle in New Mexico. We had to move some 1200 lb. steers from the normal winter annual finishing pastures (cereal rye) to a meadow brome field because of early spring heat. These steers were already fairly fat and though the meadow brome looked good, they stopped gaining. We decided to put the sea minerals to the test. We pumped 3 lbs. per acre of Redmond Sea Minerals through the pivot with approximately 6/10 inch of water per acre. The brome had been well watered but the Brix reading had been around 11. Two days after the sea mineral treatment, the Brix reading was 20. The first week those steers gained in excess of 4.5 lbs. per day. From just that one application, the weekly weights from that point averaged approximately 3 lbs. per day until finished. After killing the 2 year old steers, we continued on the brome with a set of yearlings and saw ongoing benefits for more than 2 months from this single application of mineral. If a guy has a pivot and an injector on it, it is a no-brainer to do this. The cost is nothing and the benefit is major.” – Michael Davis, New Mexico

“We applied 80 to 90 lbs. per acre and noticed that the animals cleaned off the fields better than ever before.” Gerald Smith, Courtenay, BC
“I put Redmond Sea Minerals in a sprayer at the rate of 4 lbs per acre when spraying Round Up and find that it increases the effectiveness of the Round Up 10 fold, especially on a hard to kill weed like Fescue.” Thomas Sanders, Missouri