Redmond Conditioner is a great foundation to your mineral program. It can replace your toxin binder, buffer, and mineral supplement—saving you money and simplifying your life at the same time. This three-in-one product also improves feed efficiency. If there is one Redmond product we would not do without, it would be Redmond Conditioner. Conditioner is for all classes of livestock and has been used for generations to support healthy herds.

Redmond Conditioner is light gray with a sand-like consistency that is OMRI certified, and ideal for feed mixing.

Toxin Binder

Redmond Conditioner has a unique chemical structure that binds naturally to mold toxins in feed, grain and silage. Once bound to Redmond Conditioner, toxins pass naturally through your animals instead of lingering and causing problems.

Rumen Buffer

University studies show Redmond Conditioner buffers rumen as well as sodium bicarb and adds other benefits that bicarb does not.

Increases Feed Efficiency

Many of our customers report that conditioner helps livestock improve feed efficiency. More efficient animals bring more profit to your bottom line.

60+ Trace Minerals

One ration of Redmond Conditioner provides 10 times more minerals than other supplements. Redmond Conditioner is a world class foundation to your mineral program. Adding 60 natural minerals and many other benefits to your ration. Whether your approach is organic or conventional, Redmond Conditioner can help you get back to what you love about raising animals instead of worrying about their health.

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